FOUNDATIONS Design by Miguel Moyano


Miguel Moyano is our Colombian Fashion Queen, who we love to work with. He has the most incredible talent to source, create and accessorize unique fashion statements. This article gives you a glimpse of Miguel’s latest project Foundation. We very much look forward to working with Miguel over the next coming months to make sure his garments are seen and enjoyed in the United Kingdom.

Foundation by Moyano, is a reflection on the transition periods that occur before, during and after an abrupt change of the earthquake which shuck Ecuador in April 2016. The collection showcases traditional Andean silhouettes and fabrics, recalling the sweaters his mother crocheted for him as a small boy, the 26-year-old has recreated the carnivals and festivals of his childhood in playful shapes using sheep’s and alpaca wool from Ecuador, showing his own roots.


Photography: Jaime Pavon Avilés / @jaimepavonaviles

This project stems from a reflection after the earthquake in Ecuador in April 2016. Following a catastrophe of such magnitude, the only thing left standing are the foundations of buildings. For a people, the foundation is their cultural roots. To rebuild as individuals and as a nation, it is necessary to return to those roots, that beyond the material and objects that represent them, they survive in our culture and history as intangible values, narrating our origins through traditions that make up our foundation and transmute through to the subsequent symbols within visual experiences, telling the story of a nation.


Photography: Jaime Pavon Avilés / @jaimepavonaviles
Model: Cristina Vela / @estefaniavela
Designer: Miguel Moyano / @
Makeup: Andrea Davila / @andreadavilamua


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