Alone No More – Silver Arrow Necklace


Philip George has been the first to show the UllrSkade Silver Arrow Necklace to the fashion world with the drop of his new  ‘Alone No More’ music video created with Anton Powers. This single is set to be (fingers crossed) the biggest selling dance record of 2015, following the recent UK platinum single ‘Wish You Were Mine’.

It’s been a life-changing, almost surreal story for 22 year old Philip George. Just 8 months ago, he was folding clothes at his day job in Next and serving pints at night at his local golf club, heading home to make music in his bedroom and uploading to a growing army of SoundCloud followers. Fast-forward to summer 2015 and he’s sold over 700,000 copies and amassed over 165,000 global radio plays of ‘Wish You Were Mine’ – a debut single that came with Stevie Wonder and Motown’s blessing.
Since the release of ‘Wish You Were Mine’, Philip’s been honing his production skills in a Nottingham studio, dropping new club tracks for his own sets and remixes for the flood of requests that have come his way. Earmarked as one of the UK’s most promising DJ/producers in years, you can hear a strong musical grounding in everything he does – he’s classically trained on the piano and also plays drums – alongside a deep knowledge of electronic music.
‘Alone No More’ has all the hallmarks of Philip George’s peaktime sound, with the energy, the excitement and the hooks he creates to ensure no-one on the dancefloor is left standing.
Single on iTunes: Soundcloud: philipgeorgeuk
Twitter: philipgeorgeuk | Facebook: philipgeorgeuk

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