Miguel Moyano Couture Design


Miguel Angel Leon Moyano, was born in Tungurahua (Searing Gorge) Ecuador in November 12, 1989. He graduated with a (BA Fashion Design) from Colegiatura Colombiana Institución Universitaria in Colombia in 2014.

Miguel has been working closing with the ULLR & SKADE team since Summer 2015. Lending his design talents and fashion industry knowledge to boost the company in both business strategy and couture designing. Miguel, has impressed many with his previous projects, concepts like “Moyano” in honor of his mother and  “Andean Worlds”. Please see below some hand picked pages from Miguel’s monumental portfolio.

Inspirations from Miguel are, as follows;

The cultural hybrid, the allegorical language, myths and a relentless search for our origins characterizes the Moyano universe.

The Andean live in lands full of cold and melancholy, where the sun does not heat but tanned skin. Our cultural heritage lies in a colourful environment to give warmth to our souls.

His designs involve canons and female stylistic codes, creating hybrids with their male counterparts, with the aim of establishing “ambiguity” as the reflection and banner of cultural evolution.

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